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New results on the strato-mesospheric cooling of the Northern Hemisphere (1969–1978)

  • C. Varotsos
Letter to the Editor


Rocketsonde — derived temperature trends within the Northern hemisphere are examined for the stratosphere and lower mesosphere for the period 1969–1978. The rocketsonde records presented here are homogeneous because of are mostly based on the Datasonde system. It appears that stratospheric and lower mesospheric temperature fluctuations in some cases, are about one order of magnitude larger than observed by previous workers. The main features for the temperature trends throughout the decade 1969–1978 are notably: (a) 15 ‡C cooling at 60 km, (b) 5.5 ‡C at 50 km, (c) 5 ‡C at 40 km, (d) 4 ‡C at 30 km, and (e) 3.5 ‡C at 20 km.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • C. Varotsos
    • 1
  1. 1.Hellenic Naval AcademyPiraeusGreece

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