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Cancer risk in patients with diabetes mellitus

  • Hans-Olov Adami
  • Joseph McLaughlin
  • Anders Ekbom
  • Christian Berne
  • Debra Silverman
  • David Hacker
  • Ingemar Persson
Research Paper

Cancer incidence was ascertained in a population-based cohort of 51,008 patients in Uppsala, Sweden, who were given a discharge diagnosis of diabetes mellitus during 1965–83. Complete follow-up through 1984 with exclusion of the first year of observation showed that the observed number of cancers in females (1,294) was eight percent higher than expected (relative risk [RR]=1.1, 95 percent confidence interval =11.0–1.1), whereas in males the observed number (1,123) was close to the expected (RR=1.0, 0.9–1.1). Significantly increased risks of pancreatic (RR=1.4, 1.2–1.7), primary liver (RR=1.5, 1.2–1.7), and endometrial (RR=1.5, 1.2–1.8) cancers and a lower than expected number of prostatic cancers (RR=0.7, 0.7–09) were found in this cohort of diabetic patients. The excess risk of pancreatic cancer was similar in females and males and evident both during one through four years (RR=1.7, 1.4–2.1) and five through nine years (RR=1.3, 0.9−1.7) of follow-up, but not thereafter. A similar pattern was found for primary liver cancer, but the RRs were generally higher in males than in females.

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  • Hans-Olov Adami
  • Joseph McLaughlin
  • Anders Ekbom
  • Christian Berne
  • Debra Silverman
  • David Hacker
  • Ingemar Persson

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