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Evolutionary studies of the soybean: the frequency and distribution of alleles among collections of Glycine Max and G. Soja of various origin

  • Steven L. Broich
  • Reid G. Palmer


Allelic frequencies at 10 loci common throughout the genus Glycine subgenus Soja were determined for 27 geographical area-species samples. The samples included 366 accessions of Glycine soja, the ‘wild’ soybean, and 193 accessions of G. max, the domesticated soybean, from the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection. The data indicate that the alleles for grey pubescence (t1), low seed coat peroxidase level (ep), and blunt pubescence tip (pb) probably arose as mutations during the domestication of G. max. The remaining seven loci studied(Fr, Pa1, Pa2, Fg1, Fg2, Fg3and Fg4)are polymorphic throughout the subgenus Soja; differences among collections of G. max and G. soja seem to be the result of differing selection pressures. A cluster analysis of allelic frequencies reveals two distinct groups within the subgenus corresponding to G. soja and G. max, Semi-wild accessions of G. max, while morphologically more similar to cultivated plants, clustered with samples of G. soja. The semi-wild accessions examined are thought to have arisen via hybridization between G. soja and G. max.

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© Veeman B.V., Wageningen 1981

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  • Steven L. Broich
    • 1
  • Reid G. Palmer
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of AgronomyIowa State UniversityAmesUSA

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