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A comparison of phenetic and phylogenetic methods applied to the systematics of Oligochaeta

  • Ralph O. Brinkhurst
  • Amanda F. L. Nemac


A comparative study of naidid subfamilies shows that a combination of ordination, Jaccard/Average Linkage cluster analysis and Wagner parsimony provides a useful basis for a rational phylogeny but that this does not differ markedly from the original proposed by Sperber nearly four decades ago. Hennig rules, modified by Wiley, permit a preliminary phylogeny and classification of the Annelida to be made by hand. An error in earlier versions suggested that the Dorydrilidae lacked prostate glands, and this is corrected.

Key words

aquatic Oligochaeta phylogeny phenetics cladistics Naididae Dorydrilidae 


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Copyright information

© Dr W. Junk Publishers 1987

Authors and Affiliations

  • Ralph O. Brinkhurst
    • 1
  • Amanda F. L. Nemac
    • 1
  1. 1.Ocean Ecology LaboratoryInstitute of Ocean SciencesSidneyCanada

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