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The survival and growth of Gammarus tigrinus Sexton (Crustacea: Amphipoda) in relation to salinity and temperature

  • A. A. Savage


Field collections from an inland saline lake indicated that a rapid increase in numbers of a population of Gammarus tigrinus was positively correlated with high summer temperatures and salinities. The laboratory experiments on growth are an attempt to determine whether high summer temperatures or optimum salinity were primarily responsible for the rapid increase in numbers. Furthermore, G. tigrinus was not found in either of two adjacent lakes; one non-saline, the other at a higher salinity. The laboratory experiments on survival are an attempt to determine whether the restricted distribution of G. tigrinus was related to salinity. The implications of the field and laboratory studies are discussed and compared with other data from Europe and North America.


Gammaridae distribution survival growth salinity temperature 


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