, Volume 271, Issue 2, pp 119–127

Substratum preference of the tropical estuarine crabs, Uca tangeri Eydoux (Ocypodidae) and Ocypode cursor Linne (Ocypodidae)

  • Ita O. Ewa-Oboho

DOI: 10.1007/BF00007548

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Ewa-Oboho, I.O. Hydrobiologia (1993) 271: 119. doi:10.1007/BF00007548


The vertical and horizontal distribution of two burrowing mud crabs, (Ocypodidae) and Ocypode cursor Linne 1758 (Ocypodidae) are described for the Bonny Estuary (7° 00' E: 4° 20′ N), S. Nigeria. Substratum preference is the most prominent factor influencing distribution, but lack of tolerance to low salinities (< 6%o) is also important, and prevents Ocypode cursor from occurring close to freshwater. The two species have slightly different sediment organic content and grade size requirements. Ocypode cursor was concentrated in well drained sandy sediment above mid-tide-level, whilst Uca tangeri was found in water-logged areas slightly above and below Mid-tide-level. This vertical demarcation is attributed to differential feeding and burrowing adaptations related to different substrata, rather than to differential tolerances to desiccation.

Key words

Uca tangeri Ocypode cursor substratum preference Bonny Estuary 

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  • Ita O. Ewa-Oboho
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  1. 1.Institute of OceanographyUniversity of CalabarCalabarNigeria

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