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Alona sketi sp.n. (Cladocera:Chydoridae), the second cave-inhabiting Cladoceran from former Yugoslavia

  • Anton Brancelj


Alona sketi sp.n. is the second blind cave-dwelling cladoceran from Yugoslavia. It has been found only in some lakelets in a cave in the SW Slovenia (Yugoslavia). The new taxon is related to A. hercegovinae Brancelj, 1990 from Hercegovina, but both differ markedly.

The stygobiotic nature of the new taxon is supported by a reduced and depigmented eye apparatus, no signs of malnutrition in a habitat poor in organic material, trunk limbs with modified setae and scrapers to increase ability for food gathering, and an exclusively stygobiotic accompanying fauna.

Key words

Cladocera Chydoridae taxonomy hypogean waters Yugoslavia Slovenia 


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  • Anton Brancelj
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of BiologyUniversity of LjubljanaKarlovška 19Slovenia

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