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    Volume 1 / 1972 - Volume 44 / 2017

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    Volume 1 / 1987 - Volume 32 / 2017

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    Car today, gone tomorrow: The ephemeral car in low-income, immigrant and minority families

    Most transportation research in the United States uses cross-sectional, “snapshot” data to understand levels of car access. Might this cross-sectional approach mask considerable variation over time and within ...

    Nicholas J. Klein, Michael J. Smart in Transportation (2017)

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    On the hermeneutics of everyday things: or, the philosophy of fire hydrants

    It can sometimes be difficult to think about “everyday” objects, those things we are so familiar with that they become taken-for-granted aspects of the backdrop of our world. But what if those objects, despite...

    Robert Rosenberger in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Brain research and the social self in a technological culture

    The paper does not claim to be a novel contribution to any field. It simply opposes claims by philosophers of consciousness—I take Daniel Dennett as an example (though no more than that) that non-conscious ro...

    Paul T. Durbin in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Effects of built environment and weather on bike sharing demand: a station level analysis of commercial bike sharing in Toronto

    Bike Share Toronto is Canada’s second largest public bike share system. It provides a unique case study as it is one of the few bike share programs located in a relatively cold North American setting, yet oper...

    Wafic El-Assi, Mohamed Salah Mahmoud, Khandker Nurul Habib in Transportation (2017)

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    Hermeneutics of technological culture

    Arun Kumar Tripathi in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Activity sequencing, location, and formation of individual non-mandatory tours: application to the activity-based models for Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, OH

    Most of the earlier activity based models (ABMs) largely relied on a tour-based modeling paradigm which explicitly predicts tour frequency and then adds details including stop frequency, order, and location of...

    Rajesh Paleti, Peter Vovsha, Gaurav Vyas, Rebekah Anderson in Transportation (2017)

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    An activity-based approach of investigating travel behaviour of older people

    The paper presents the results of an investigation on daily activity-travel scheduling behaviour of older people by using an advanced econometric model and a household travel survey, collected in the National ...

    Khandker M. Nurul Habib, Vivian Hui in Transportation (2017)

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    Digitization as an ethical challenge

    Rafael Capurro in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Language and technology: maps, bridges, and pathways

    Contemporary philosophy of technology after the empirical turn has surprisingly little to say on the relation between language and technology. This essay describes this gap, offers a preliminary discussion of...

    Mark Coeckelbergh in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Ethics of responsibilities distributions in a technological culture

    In this paper, I develop and differentiate some problems of the interaction between corporations, individuals and the general public as well as institutions like the state or international non-governmental org...

    Hans Lenk in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Hermeneutics of Technologically Mediated Listening

    Arun Kumar Tripathi in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Users’ perceptions and willingness to pay in interurban toll roads: identifying differences across regions from a nationwide survey in Spain

    Users’ acceptability is considered one of the key drivers for the successful implementation of transport policy measures. This is especially crucial in the case of toll roads since they are financed through dr...

    Juan Gomez, Anestis Papanikolaou, José Manuel Vassallo in Transportation (2017)

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    Albert Borgmann: Real American ethics: taking responsibility for our country

    Paul T. Durbin in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Technological change

    Mike Cooley in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Total enframing: Global South and techno-developmental orthodoxy

    Martin Heidegger describes technology in essence as the late modern Western understanding of Being which is planetary in its reach. Succeeding the long phase of colonialism after World War II, the history of t...

    Siby K. George in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Dynamic travel mode searching and switching analysis considering hidden model preference and behavioral decision processes

    This paper proposes a conceptual framework to model the travel mode searching and switching dynamics. The proposed approach is structurally different from existing mode choice models in the way that a non-homo...

    Chenfeng Xiong, Lei Zhang in Transportation (2017)

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    Erratum to: Hermeneutics of Technologically Mediated Listening

    Arun Kumar Tripathi in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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    Hermeneutic of performing knowledge

    Karamjit S. Gill in AI & SOCIETY (2017)

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