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    Elite, Mass, and High-Participation Higher Education

    Simon Marginson in Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

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    The worldwide trend to high participation higher education: dynamics of social stratification in inclusive systems

    Worldwide participation in higher education now includes one-third of the age cohort and is growing at an unprecedented rate. The tendency to rapid growth, leading towards high participation systems (HPS), has...

    Simon Marginson in Higher Education (2016)

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    Higher Education and Inequality in Anglo-American Societies

    The founding moment in the Anglo-American approach to equality of opportunity in education was the early to mid 1960s, a time of relatively high social mobility, with the Master Plan in California, the Robbins...

    Simon Marginson in Student Equity in Australian Higher Education (2016)

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    Global Stratification in Higher Education

    Global higher education can be understood as a field of power configured by (1) nationally-ordered higher education systems; (2) global structures that criss-cross all national systems, for example in English ...

    Simon Marginson in Higher Education, Stratification, and Workforce Development (2016)

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    Towards World-Class Systems

    There is a worldwide tendency to develop High Participation Systems (HPS) in higher education, systems that enrol more than 50% of the age cohort. In the last 15 years there has been a remarkable surge in enro...

    Simon Marginson in Matching Visibility and Performance (2016)

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    The strategic positioning of Australian research universities in the East Asian region

    Regional tendencies in higher education are increasingly important, for example the common rise of North-East Asian universities in China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and South Korea, and Singapore in South-East Asi...

    Simon Marginson in Higher Education (2015)

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    Richard A. Hartnett: The Jixia academy and the birth of higher learning in China, 2011, 297 + iv pp

    Simon Marginson in Higher Education (2014)

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    Higher Education in Vietnam

    Higher Education in Vietnam

    Flexibility, Mobility and Practicality in the Global Knowledge Economy

    Lý Thị Trần, Simon Marginson, Hoàng Minh Đỗ in Palgrave Studies in Global Higher Education (2014)

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    Modernization with Vietnamese Characteristics

    In education in Vietnam, the weakest sectors at present are higher education, vocational education and training and university research. Yet in the age of the global knowledge economy, these sectors should pla...

    Simon Marginson, Lý Thị Trần, Hoàng Minh Đỗ in Higher Education in Vietnam (2014)

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    Teaching and Research in the Contemporary University

    The first and most fundamental role of the university is and has always been that of teaching, for the various purposes of transmission of knowledge and values, person formation and occupational preparation an...

    Simon Marginson in Geoscience Research and Education (2014)

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    Education for Flexibility, Practicality and Mobility

    Vietnam is a country of over 90 million people, the third largest nation in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and the Philippines, and with more people than any European country except Russia. Though parts of the...

    Lý Thị Trần, Simon Marginson in Higher Education in Vietnam (2014)

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    Higher Education and Public Good

    Discussion about the purposes and benefits of higher education has been stymied by a particular construction of the relation between private and public benefits now dominant in policy circles and public debate...

    Simon Marginson in Thinking about Higher Education (2014)

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    Policy Borrowing

    Changes in Vietnamese society have historically been embedded in its interactions with foreign influences. So have most transformations in Vietnamese higher education. Be it an imposed or a self-initiated proc...

    Thảo Thị Phương Vũ, Simon Marginson in Higher Education in Vietnam (2014)

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    University Research: The Social Contribution of University Research

    Research has never been more central to the mission of the university, and research performance is the primary factor that regulates university status and is seen to signify the innovation “firepower” of the g...

    Simon Marginson in The Future of the Post-Massified University at the Crossroads (2014)

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    The internationalization of Vietnamese tertiary education has always been closely shaped by the historical, economic and political circumstances of the nation.

    Lý Thị Trần, Simon Marginson, Nhài Thị Nguyễn in Higher Education in Vietnam (2014)

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    Higher Education as a Public Good in a Marketized East Asian Environment

    This chapter discusses the public value of East Asian higher education in a highly marketized context. Focus is on shared and collective benefits in higher education, in a policy setting in East Asia and elsew...

    Simon Marginson in Emerging International Dimensions in East Asian Higher Education (2014)

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    Higher Education and Public Good

    Discussion about the purposes and benefits of higher education has been stymied by a particular construction of the relation between private and public benefits that now leads in policy circles and public deba...

    Simon Marginson in Higher Education in Societies (2014)

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    The Changing Geo-politics of Creativity

    The paper explores the dynamic evolution of higher education and research in East Asia in China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan China and South Korea, and in South East Asia in Singapore. It refers also to the earlier ...

    Simon Marginson in The Creative University (2013)

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    Different Roads to a Shared Goal

    In The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities, Jamil Salmi (2009) explores what nations and institutions need to do to create “globally competitive universities”. He finds that these universities are ...

    Simon Marginson in Building World-Class Universities (2013)

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    Australian-Based Research in Higher Education Studies

    Australia is a nation of 23.1 million people (ABS, 2013a) occupying the whole of an island continent at the west end of the Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a British settler-state based on the ...

    Simon Marginson in The Development of Higher Education Research in Europe (2013)

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