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    Contemporary education policies in Southeast Asia: common philosophical underpinnings and practices

    This article examines the various education policies in Southeast Asian countries, highlighting the underlining philosophies and current practices in the region. The conceptual framework of the presentation in...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Asia Pacific Education Review (2016)

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    The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education
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    Living Reference Work Entry In depth

    Asian University Traditions

    John N. Hawkins, Molly N.N. Lee in Encyclopedia of International Higher Educa…

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    Strategies for Higher Education in the Contemporary Era: Public–Private Partnerships and Regional Cooperation

    This chapter focuses on two important strategies which have been adopted by many countries in the Asian region to meet the challenges faced by the massification and diversification of their higher education sy...

    Molly N. N. Lee in The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education (2016)

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    Regional Trends in Asian Higher Education

    This chapter identifies a number of regional trends and challenges in higher education in Asia. The regional trends are the massification, marketization, diversification, bureaucratization, and internationaliz...

    Molly N. N. Lee in The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education (2016)

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    Reforms of University Governance and Management in Asia: Effects on Campus Culture

    This chapter is an analysis of the reform in university governance and management that have taken place in a number of Asian countries, highlighting the trade-off between institutional autonomy and public acco...

    Molly N. N. Lee in The Palgrave Handbook of Asia Pacific Higher Education (2016)

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    Higher Education in Malaysia: National Strategies and Innovative Practices

    The higher education system in Malaysia has undergone rapid expansion and restructuring in the past three decades so as to widen access and equity as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of the delive...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Mass Higher Education Development in East Asia (2015)

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    Management of Research, Development, and Innovation

    Malaysia is a middle-income country with a multiethnic population of 28 million. In 2011, Malaysia was ranked thirtieth in the economies of the world with agross domestic product (GDP) of RM8531 billion, a growth...

    Chang Da Wan, Molly N. N. Lee in Research, Development, and Innovation in A… (2015)

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    Globalization Practices in Asia Pacific Universities

    The university can shape society and in turn, it is shaped by society. The focus of this chapter is not about the impact of higher education (HE) on the socioeconomic and cultural development of a particular s...

    Molly N. N. Lee in The Dynamics of Higher Education Development in East Asia (2013)

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    Regional Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific

    A significant trend in the Asia-Pacific region is the rapid expansion of many higher education systems brought about by ever-increasing social demand due to population growth, democratization of secondary educ...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Higher Education Regionalization in Asia Pacific (2012)

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    Higher Education in Southeast Asia in the Era of Globalization

    Southeast Asia consists of ten countries as reflected by the member states in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)—Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore...

    Molly N. N. Lee in International Handbook of Higher Education (2007)

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    One current global trend in educational reformis the decentralization of national education systems. Decentralization has been promoted by UNESCO, the World Bank, and other multilateral and bilateral assistanc...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Educational Decentralization (2006)

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    Malaysian Teacher Education into the New Century

    The aim of this chapter is to give an overview of the pattern of teacher education in Malaysia, highlighting some of the current problems and challenges relating to this area of educational development. The ov...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Reform of Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific in the New Millennium (2004)

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    Global Trends, National Policies and Institutional Responses: Restructuring Higher Education in Malaysia

    A significant global trend during the 1990s is the restructuring of higher education systems. The essence of this restructuring process is a redefinition of the relationship between institutions of higher lear...

    Molly N. N. Lee in Educational Research for Policy and Practice (2004)

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    The Academic Profession in Malaysia and Singapore: Between Bureaucratic and Corporate Cultures

    The academic profession is central to higher education because a successful academic institution depends on a well-qualified, dedicated, and adequately remunerated professoriate. Academics in every society play....

    Molly N. N. Lee in The Decline of the Guru (2003)

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    University Education for National Development

    University education is the apex of any education system and it is also the most costly when compared to the other levels of education. Throughout the world, national governments invest heavily in tertiary edu...

    Molly N. N. Lee, Suk Ying Wong in International Handbook of Educational Rese… (2003)