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    Equity in Higher Education

    Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux, Jason Robinson in Encyclopedia of International Higher Educa…

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    SHARD: A Framework for Sequential, Hierarchical Anomaly Ranking and Detection

    This work explores unsupervised anomaly detection within sequential, hierarchical data. We present a flexible framework for detecting, ranking and analyzing anomalies. The framework 1) allows users to incorpor...

    Jason Robinson, Margaret Lonergan in Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data M… (2012)

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    Evolutionary Assistance in Alliteration and Allelic Drivel

    This paper presents an approximation towards an evolutionary generator of alliterative text. A simple text is given along with the preferred phoneme for alliterations as input. Then the evolutionary algorithm ...

    Raquel Hervás, Jason Robinson, Pablo Gervás in Applications of Evolutionary Computing (2007)