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    Living Reference Work Entry In depth

    Higher Education Expansion in Brazil, Russia, India, and China

    Isak Froumin, Daria Platonova in Encyclopedia of International Higher Educa…

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    The Soviet Flagship University Model and Its Contemporary Transition

    Some 30 years ago, sociologist Burton Clark sought to illustrate and classify how different national systems of higher education were influenced by three major players: the state, the academy, and the market. ...

    Isak Froumin, Oleg Leshukov in The New Flagship University (2016)

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    Excellence-Driven Policies and Initiatives in the Context of Bologna Process: Rationale, Design, Implementation and Outcomes

    One of generic characteristics of higher education systems is their slow evolution. Governments are not happy with this fact as they understand the role universities could play in the development of innovation...

    Isak Froumin, Mikhail Lisyutkin in The European Higher Education Area (2015)

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    Supply and Demand Patterns in Russian Higher Education

    The Soviet system of higher education was well developed even in today’s terms. It provided free higher education to a significant part of the young generation. The Soviet government was the first in the world...

    Isak Froumin, Yaroslav Kouzminov in Higher Education in the BRICS Countries (2015)

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    Factors affecting the quality of engineering education in the four largest emerging economies

    A huge increase in engineering graduates from the BRIC countries in recent decades potentially threatens the competitiveness of developed countries in producing high value-added products and services, while al...

    Prashant Loyalka, Martin Carnoy, Isak Froumin, Raffiq Dossani in Higher Education (2014)

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    The concept of public goods, the state, and higher education finance: a view from the BRICs

    Because higher education serves both public and private interests, the way it is conceived and financed is contested politically, appearing in different forms in different societies. What is public and privat...

    Martin Carnoy, Isak Froumin, Prashant K. Loyalka, Jandhyala B. G. Tilak in Higher Education (2014)

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    Top Down Push For Excellence

    The publication of the results of the international university rankings in early 2000 shocked Russian policy makers and the professional community. They had assumed that the leading Russian universities were h...

    Isak Froumin, Alexander Povalko in How World-Class Universities Affect Global… (2014)