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    H-MOOC framework: reusing MOOCs for hybrid education

    Since Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) started to become part of the scene of Higher Education (HE), many institutions have joined the race of MOOC creation. However, producing MOOCs has shown to be a cumbe...

    Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Isabel Hilliger in Journal of Computing in Higher Education (2017)

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    Does Taking a MOOC as a Complement for Remedial Courses Have an Effect on My Learning Outcomes? A Pilot Study on Calculus

    This paper presents the results of a pilot study about students’ adoption and learning outcomes of 4 MOOCs proposed as a complementary resource for traditional remedial courses on calculus. While the MOOCs we...

    Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Josefina Hernández-Correa in Adaptive and Adaptable Learning (2016)