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    Instructor and student experiences with open textbooks, from the California open online library for education (Cool4Ed)

    Open textbooks are similar to traditional textbooks except that they are free of cost and licensed to allow revision and reuse. Adopting open textbooks for higher education courses is a way to address the grow...

    Ozgur Ozdemir, Christina Hendricks in Journal of Computing in Higher Education (2017)

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    Prophecy and Parrēsia: Foucauldian Critique and the Political Role of Intellectuals

    In various interviews Michel Foucault refuses to take on the political role of what he calls a ‘prophet’, someone who tells others, ‘here is what you must do — and also: this is good and this is not’.2 According ...

    Christina Hendricks in Conceptions of Critique in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (2012)