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    MOOC—making and open educational practices

    MOOCs have been seen as holding promise for advancing Open Education. While the pedagogical design of the first MOOCs grew out of the Open Education Movement, the current trend has MOOCs exhibiting fewer of th...

    Laura Czerniewicz, Andrew Deacon in Journal of Computing in Higher Education (2017)

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    Vehicular Contributions to Primary Airborne Particulate Matter and Urban Air Quality

    Previous studies have highlighted the importance of vehicles as a contributor to airborne particulate matter. For example, the Quality of Urban Air Review Group described results from a study of urban particul...

    Andrew Deacon, Roy M. Harrison in Urban Air Pollution (1996)

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    Transactional Workflows Support using Middleware

    A workflow is an activity involving the coordinated execution of multiple tasks, performed by different processing entities. From such a workflow specification, an executable workflow application can be genera...

    Andrew Deacon in GISI 95 (1995)