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    An apparatus based on a plasma emitter for electron-beam transportation to air

    An apparatus for electron-beam transportation to air has been developed on the basis of an electron gun with a plasma emitter. A pressure drop from values of (1–3) × 10−4 Torr in an accelerating gap to an air pre...

    A. I. Aksenov, S. Yu. Kornilov, M. P. Motorin in Instruments and Experimental Techniques (2017)

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    Neutralizing a high-aperture metal-ion beam

    It is found that secondary electrons ejected by the ions from the collector are responsible for neutralizing ∼300 μsec pulses of wide-aperture ion beams (about 100–300 cm2) formed by various metals and having cur...

    A. I. Aksenov, A. M. Tolopa, E. B. Tokmashov in Soviet Physics Journal (1990)