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    Menu-engineering in restaurants - adapting portion sizes on plates to enhance vegetable consumption: a real-life experiment

    The aim of this research was to investigate whether increased portion sizes of vegetables and decreased portion sizes of meat on main dishes increased the amount of vegetables consumed in a real-life restauran...

    Machiel J. Reinders, Marlijn Huitink in International Journal of Behavioral Nutrit… (2017)

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    Constructing backbone network by using tinker algorithm

    Revealing how a biological network is organized to realize its function is one of the main topics in systems biology. The functional backbone network, defined as the primary structure of the biological network...

    Zhiwei He, Meng Zhan, Jianxiong Wang, Chenggui Yao in Frontiers of Physics (2017)

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    Erratum to: Construction of maximally localized Wannier functions

    Junbo Zhu 竺俊博, Zhu Chen 陈竹, Biao Wu 吴飙 in Frontiers of Physics (2017)

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    Relationship between photosynthetic pigments and chlorophyll fluorescence in soybean under varying phosphorus nutrition at ambient and elevated CO2

    To assess the relationship between chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence (CF) and photosynthetic pigments, soybean was grown under varying phosphorus (P) nutrition at ambient and elevated CO2 (EC). The EC stimulated, bu...

    S. K. Singh, V. R. Reddy, D. H. Fleisher, D. J. Timlin in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Photosynthetic and physiological responses of foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) to low-light stress during grain-filling stage

    Two foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) varieties were subjected to different shading intensity treatments during a grain-filling stage in a field experiment in order to clarify physiological mechanisms of low-li...

    X. Y. Yuan, L. G. Zhang, L. Huang, X. Qi, Y. Y. Wen, S. Q. Dong in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    A class of hyper-bent functions and Kloosterman sums

    This paper is devoted to the characterization of hyper-bent functions. Several classes of hyper-bent functions have been studied, such as Charpin and Gong’s family

    Chunming Tang, Yanfeng Qi in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Lotus corniculatus L. response to carbon dioxide concentration and radiation level variations

    Carbon dioxide concentration and light conditions may greatly vary between mountainous and lowland areas determining the photosynthetic performance of plants species. This paper aimed to evaluate the photosynt...

    P. Kostopoulou, M. Karatassiou in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Localised multisecret sharing

    A localised multisecret sharing scheme is a multisecret sharing scheme for an ordered set of players in which players in the smallest sets who are authorised to access secrets are close together in the underly...

    Thalia M. Laing, Keith M. Martin, Maura B. Paterson in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    The effect of CaCl2 on calcium content, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll fluorescence of tung tree seedlings under drought conditions

    The study investigated the effects of different CaCl2 concentrations (2, 5, and 10 mM) on photosynthetic enzymatic activities, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll fluorescence of tung tree seedlings under drought con...

    Z. Li, X. F. Tan, K. Lu, Z. M. Liu, L. L. Wu in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Light availability and soil flooding regulate photosynthesis of an imperiled shrub in lowland forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, USA

    Physiological responses to light availability and soil flooding on Lindera melissifolia (Walt.) Blume were studied. Shrubs were grown under 70, 37 or 5% of full sunlight with either 0, 45, or 90 d of soil floodin...

    B. R. Lockhart, E. S. Gardiner, T. D. Leininger, M. S. Devall in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Secret sharing schemes for compartmented access structures

    In this paper, we devise ideal and probabilistic secret sharing schemes for two kinds of compartmented access structures. The first one is a compartmented access structures with hierarchical compartments. The ...

    Xianfang Wang, Can Xiang, Fang-Wei Fu in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Soil water content and photosynthetic capacity of spring wheat as affected by soil application of nitrogen-enriched biochar in a semiarid environment

    A field trial was conducted to determine the effect of nitrogen-enriched biochar on soil water content, plant’s photosynthetic parameters, and grain yield of spring wheat at the Dingxi Experimental Station dur...

    S. Yeboah, R. Zhang, L. Cai, L. Li, J. Xie, Z. Luo, J. Wu, D. L. Antille in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Effects of paclobutrazol on cultivars of Chinese bayberry (Myrica rubra) under salinity stress

    Salt stress is one of the most critical factors hindering the growth and development of plants. Paclobutrazol (PBZ) is widely used to minimize this problem in agriculture because it can induce salt stress tole...

    Y. Hu, W. Yu, T. Liu, M. Shafi, L. Song, X. Du, X. Huang, Y. Yue, J. Wu in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Predictive capability of a leaf optical meter for determining leaf pigment status during senescence

    We conducted an experiment to assess the predictive capability of a leaf optical meter for determining leaf pigment status of Acer mono Maxim., A. ginnala Maxim., Quercus mongolica Fisch., and Cornus alba display...

    G.Y. Li, D.P. Aubrey, H.Z. Sun in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    On the best linear approximation of addition modulo 2 n

    In this paper, the best linear approximations of addition modulo 2 n are studied. Let x = (x n−1, x ...

    Shuai Xue, Wen-Feng Qi, Xiao-Yuan Yang in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Complete weight enumerators of two classes of linear codes

    In this paper, we give the complete weight enumerators of two classes of linear codes over the finite field ...

    Xianfang Wang, Jian Gao, Fang-Wei Fu in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Two and three weight codes over \(\mathbb {F}_{p}+u\mathbb {F}_{p}\)

    We construct an infinite family of three-Lee-weight codes of dimension 2m, where m is singly-even, over the ring

    Minjia Shi, Rongsheng Wu, Yan Liu, Patrick Solé in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Morphological recognition with the addition of multi-band fluorescence excitation of chlorophylls of phytoplankton

    The recognition of aquatic organisms plays a crucial role in the monitoring of the pollution and for the adoption of rapid preventive actions. A compact microscopic optical imaging system is proposed in order ...

    M. Lauffer, F. Genty, S. Margueron, J. L. Collette in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Effects of light quality on growth and development, photosynthetic characteristics and content of carbohydrates in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants

    In this study, effects of yellow (Y), purple (P), red (R), blue (B), green (G), and white (W) light on growth and development of tobacco plants were evaluated. We showed that monochromatic light reduced the gr...

    L. Y. Yang, L. T. Wang, J. H. Ma, E. D. Ma, J. Y. Li, M. Gong in Photosynthetica (2017)

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    Atomic ratio of N to P influences the impact of UV irradiance on photosynthesis and growth in a marine dinoflagellate, Alexandrium tamarense

    The effects of the atomic ratio of N to P (N:P) on the response of Alexandrium tamarense to UV radiation (UVR) were investigated in this study. Artificial sea water of 5 different N:P ratios for indoor culture an...

    W.C. Guan, L. Li in Photosynthetica (2017)

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