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    Constructing backbone network by using tinker algorithm

    Revealing how a biological network is organized to realize its function is one of the main topics in systems biology. The functional backbone network, defined as the primary structure of the biological network...

    Zhiwei He, Meng Zhan, Jianxiong Wang, Chenggui Yao in Frontiers of Physics (2017)

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    Erratum to: Construction of maximally localized Wannier functions

    Junbo Zhu 竺俊博, Zhu Chen 陈竹, Biao Wu 吴飙 in Frontiers of Physics (2017)

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    Cyclic codes from the second class two-prime Whiteman’s generalized cyclotomic sequence with order 6

    Let n ...

    Pramod Kumar Kewat, Priti Kumari in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Probabilistic signature based generalized framework for differential fault analysis of stream ciphers

    Differential Fault Attack (DFA) considers injection of faults and the most general set-up should take care of faults at random location and random time. Then one should be able to identify the exact location a...

    Santanu Sarkar, Prakash Dey, Avishek Adhikari in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Linear complexity and trace representation of quaternary sequences over \(\mathbb {Z}_{4}\) based on generalized cyclotomic classes modulo pq

    We define a family of quaternary sequences over the residue class ring modulo 4 of length pq, a product of two distinct odd primes, using the generalized cyclotomic classes modulo pq and calculate the discrete Fo...

    Zhixiong Chen in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    New sets of optimal low-hit-zone frequency-hopping sequences based on m-sequences

    In quasi-synchronous frequency-hopping multiple-access systems where relative delays are restricted within a certain correlation zone, low-hit-zone frequency-hopping sequences (LHZ-FHSs) are commonly employed ...

    Hongyu Han, Daiyuan Peng, Udaya Parampalli in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Practical construction of ring LFSRs and ring FCSRs with low diffusion delay for hardware cryptographic applications

    Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSRs) and Feedback with Carry Shift Registers (FCSRs) are two pseudo-random generators which are widely used in many cryptographic applications. The Ring representation of the...

    Zhiqiang Lin, Dongdai Lin, Dingyi Pei in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Expansion complexity and linear complexity of sequences over finite fields

    The linear complexity is a measure for the unpredictability of a sequence over a finite field and thus for its suitability in cryptography. In 2012, Diem introduced a new figure of merit for cryptographic sequ...

    László Mérai, Harald Niederreiter, Arne Winterhof in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    (1−2u 3)-constacyclic codes and quadratic residue codes over \(\mathbb {F}_{p}[u]/\langle u^{4}-u\rangle \)

    Let R = ...

    Madhu Raka, Leetika Kathuria, Mokshi Goyal in Cryptography and Communications (2017)

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    Atomic/molecular layer deposition of hybrid inorganic–organic thin films from erbium guanidinate precursor

    Luminescent erbium-based inorganic–organic hybrid materials play an important role in many frontier nano-sized applications, such as amplifiers, detectors and OLEDs. Here, we demonstrate the possibility to fab...

    Lukas Mai, Zivile Giedraityte, Marcel Schmidt in Journal of Materials Science (2017)

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    Satisfaction of Patients Attending in Primary Healthcare Centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A Random Cross-Sectional Study

    This study aims to determine the level of satisfaction of patients who visit primary healthcare centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The investigation was a cross-sectional study conducted in twenty randomly selec...

    Khalid M. Almutairi in Journal of Religion and Health (2017)

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    Virtual crack closure technique for an interface crack between two transversely isotropic materials

    The virtual crack closure technique makes use of the forces ahead of the crack tip and the displacement jumps on the crack faces directly behind the crack tip to obtain the energy release rates ...

    Elad Farkash, Leslie Banks-Sills in International Journal of Fracture (2017)

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    Stability of various particle-stabilised aluminium alloys foams made by gas injection

    Aluminium alloy foams are created by injecting air into liquid alloys containing non-metallic particles. In addition to an alloy containing the usual SiC particles, other types of metal/particle composites are...

    K. Heim, G. S. Vinod-Kumar, F. García-Moreno, J. Banhart in Journal of Materials Science (2017)

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    Poor institutions as a comparative advantage

    Classic theories of comparative advantage point to factor productivity and factor abundance as determinants of specialization and trade. Likewise, geography and topography can determine trade patterns. Institu...

    Cortney Stephen Rodet in Constitutional Political Economy (2017)

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    Locality of the Thomas–Fermi–von Weizsäcker Equations

    We establish a pointwise stability estimate for the Thomas–Fermi–von Weiz-säcker (TFW) model, which demonstrates that a local perturbation of a nuclear arrangement results also in a local response in the elect...

    F. Q. Nazar, C. Ortner in Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (2017)

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    A Black Theological Response to Race-Based Medicine: Reconciliation in Minority Communities

    The harm race-based medicine inflicts on minority bodies through race-based experimentation and the false solutions a race-based drug ensues within minority communities provokes concern. Such areas analyze the...

    Kirk A. Johnson in Journal of Religion and Health (2017)

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    Preparation and photothermal study of polystyrene coated with gold nanoshell composite particles

    Polystyrene coated with gold nanoshell composite particles, with good photothermal properties, were prepared by electrostatic self-assembly. Firstly, polystyrene (PS) microspheres were synthesized by emulsifie...

    Hepeng Zhang, Yonggang Zhang, Chen Wu, Haochen Tan in Journal of Materials Science (2017)

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    Electrospun porous nanofibers for electrochemical energy storage

    The demand for energy storage systems is rising due to the rapid development of electric transportation vehicles, and this demand is stimulating research on the next generation of high-performance, high-densit...

    Zhi Li, Ji-wei Zhang, Lai-gui Yu, Jing-wei Zhang in Journal of Materials Science (2017)

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    Cusp Formation for a Nonlocal Evolution Equation

    Córdoba et al. (Ann Math 162(3):1377–1389, 2005) introduced a nonlocal active scalar equation as a one-dimensional analogue of the surface-quasigeostrophic equation. It has been conjectured, based on numerical ev...

    Vu Hoang, Maria Radosz in Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (2017)

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    Tuning pore characteristics of porous carbon monoliths prepared from rubber wood waste treated with H3PO4 or NaOH and their potential as supercapacitor electrode materials

    The facile preparation of porous carbon monolith electrodes as a supercapacitor was demonstrated using rubber wood wastes treated with NaOH or H3PO4 as starting materials. Different concentrations of treating sol...

    Uthen Thubsuang, Sakda Laebang, Nicharat Manmuanpom in Journal of Materials Science (2017)

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