2011, pp 1349-1384

Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Molecular Orbital Method


Computer simulations have provided a powerful technique in understanding the fundamental physics and mechanics of adhesion. In this chapter, various simulation methods pertaining to adhesion technology are introduced, such as the molecular dynamics simulations, the quantum mechanics calculations, the molecular orbital method, the density functional theory and the molecular mechanics simulations. Besides, some combined methods such as the hybrid quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics simulations, ab initio molecular dynamics and the density-functional based tight-binding method are reviewed. General features and routines of these methods as well as the basic theory are described. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods are compared and discussed. Each method has the distinctive advantage and is suitable for specific condition. Some examples are proposed to give the direct perceive when investigating adhesion issues using various simulation methods. All these instances are expected to be helpful to readers when performing the corresponding simulations and analyzing of the results.