5411 seasonally changing visual dominance [n]

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phyt. plant. (1. Seasonal appearance of an area of plants being admired within a defined space, especially striking, if the vegetation has special characteristics [flower, foliage, autumn color, shapes and colors of fruit and seeds] and is characterized by a visually dominant plant species [aspect creators], e.g. the spring aspect of ground cover vegetation in beech wood communities, 2. s. c. v. d. and the selection of a corresponding seasonal species composition is an important design tool in creating attractive planting; ►seasonal aspects); syn. aspect [n], seasonally attractive planting composition [n];s dominancia [f] visual estacional (≠) (1. Aspecto estacional llamativo de un área de plantas en un espacio definido de observación, sobre todo cuando el aspecto de la vegetación tiene características llamativas [flor, follaje, colorido otoñal, formas y colores de frutos y semillas] debido a la correspondiente especie de flora visualmente dominante [aspecto dominante], p. ej. estrato ...