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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 868-869


Gyldén, Johan August Hugo

BornHelsinki, (Finland), 29 May 1841

DiedStockholm, Sweden, 9 November 1896

Gyldén, Johan August Hugo. Reproduced by permission of Helsinki University Observatory

Hugo Gyldén, director of the Stockholm Observatory, was a leading theorist of celestial mechanics and planetary perturbations. He was born into the family of professor Nils Abraham Gyldén and baroness Beata Sofia Wrede. Gyldén was admitted to the University of Helsinki and earned his doctoral degree in 1861.

Gyldén’s academic teacher, Lorenz Leonard Lindelöf, guided the young scholar into celestial mechanics. Gyldén then went to Gotha in Germany (1861–1862) as a postdoctoral student of Peter Hansen, one of the leading researchers in celestial mechanics. There, Gyldén drafted a dissertation on the orbit of the planet Neptune, which had been discovered 15 years earlier.

To continue his studies, Gyldén relocated to the Pulkovo Observatory in Russia on a grant from the University of Helsinki. There, he determined the declinations of f ...

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