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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

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Lallemand, André

  • Albert BijaouiAffiliated withJ L Lagrange Laboratory, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (Côte d'Azur Observatory) Email author 

BornCirey, Haute-Saône, France, 29 September 1904

DiedParis, France, 24 March 1978

While he contributed chiefly to the development and application of photomultipliers, André Lallemand also played important roles in the construction and instrumentation of French telescopes.

Lallemand was the son of Louis and Lucie Lallemand; his father was a primary-school teacher. Lallemand’s career in astronomy began in 1925 at the Strasbourg Observatory, where he served as an assistant to Ernest Esclangon. He qualified as a schoolteacher in the physical sciences in 1927 and taught at a high school in Haguenau, near Strasbourg, for a year. His doctoral research, which examined the magnetic properties of different elements of the iron family, was completed under Pierre Weiss at the Strasbourg Physical Institute. There, Lallemand acquired the experimental techniques that were essential for his later research on electronic detectors and amplifiers. He married Suzanne Ancel in 1928; the couple had two sons.

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