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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 1212-1214


Kirch, Christine

BornGuben, (Germany), circa1696

DiedBerlin, (Germany), 6 May 1782

Christine Kirch worked mainly in the background and supported her father, her mother, her brother, and later other astronomers at Berlin in calculating calendars and in carrying out astronomical observations. The daughter of the astronomer Gottfried Kirch and his second wife, Maria Kirch, and the sister of the astronomer Christfried Kirch, Christine Kirch was educated in astronomy by her parents. She assisted them in their astronomical observations during her childhood. It is reported that Christine Kirch, as a child, was mainly responsible for taking the time (or measuring time intervals by using a pendulum). When she was older, she was introduced to calendar making. Christine Kirch assisted first her mother and later her brother in calculating various calendars. Until 1740, she did not receive a regular salary for her contributions, but only occasionally small donations from the Berlin Academy of Sciences. After the deat ...

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