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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 1167-1169


Keckermann, Bartholomew

BornDanzig, (Gdańsk, Poland), 1571 or 1573

DiedDanzig, (Gdańsk, Poland), 25 July 1609

Keckermann, Bartholomew. Courtesy of History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries

Bartholomew Keckermann developed a system of astronomy that was a basic outline of the Aristotelian universe, and which was widely used as a textbook.

Born to Calvinists George and Gertrude Keckermann, Keckermann studied under Jacob Fabricius at the Academic Gymnasium of Danzig starting in 1586, before moving to Wittenberg, where he enrolled at the University of Wittenberg in 1590. In 1592, Keckermann enrolled at the University of Leipzig, but after one semester he and fellow Calvinist students became unwelcome due to the death of protector Prince Christian I. Keckermann then moved to Heidelberg, where he studied from 1592 until 27 February 1595, receiving a master of arts degree. Keckermann stayed in Heidelberg and eventually held a professorship in Hebrew there, but in 1602 after writing to the Danzig C ...

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