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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 818-819


Glaisher, James Whitbread Lee

BornLewisham, Kent, England, 5 November 1848

DiedCambridge, England, 7 December 1928

James Whitbread Lee Glaisher was a pure mathematician and mathematical astronomer who served in leadership positions in the Royal Astronomical Society for 55 years.

The eldest son of the English astronomer/meteorologist James Glaisher, young Glaisher attended Saint Paul’s School in London and then Trinity College, Cambridge, where, in 1871, he graduated as second wrangler. He won the Campden Exhibition in 1867 and the Perry Exhibition in 1869. In 1871, Glaisher was elected to a fellowship and a lectureship in mathematics at Trinity College and held these positions until 1901. He received a D.Sc. degree from Cambridge in 1887, the first year that the degree was offered at the university.

Glaisher became a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society [RAS] shortly before his graduation in 1871, and was elected to the society’s council in 1874. He was reelected to the council continuously and was in the middle of ...

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