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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 750-752


Fox, Philip

BornManhattan, Kansas, USA, 7 March 1878

DiedCambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 21 July 1944

During Philip Fox’s career as an observatory and planetarium director, he exhibited many traits desirable for a professional astronomer involved in administration and served as a role model for future American planetarium directors.

The son of Simeon and Esther (née Butler) Fox, Philip earned a bachelor’s degree in 1897 at Kansas State College. After graduation, he taught mathematics and served as commandant at Saint John’s Military School before enlisting in the US Army. In 1898, Fox served in the Philippine Islands where he rose to the rank of second lieutenant during the Spanish-American War. After the war, he returned to Kansas State and was awarded a master’s degree in 1901. Fox also studied under Edwin Frost and earned a second bachelor’s degree in physics from Dartmouth College in 1902. The following year, Fox was appointed a Carnegie Assistant at Yerkes Observatory and worked with Frost on its ...

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