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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

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Dziewulski, Wladyslaw

  • Stanislaw RokitaAffiliated withPlanetarium Wladyslawa Dziewulskiego Email author 

BornWarsaw, Poland, 2 September 1878

DiedTorun, Poland, 6 February 1962

Wladyslaw Dziewulski investigated celestial mechanics, stellar kinematics, and Cepheid variable stars, and directed two observatories in his native land. He graduated from high school in Warsaw. Between the years 1897 and 1901, Dziewulski studied astronomy and majored in mathematics and physics at Warsaw University. He continued his astronomical studies under Karl Schwarzschild’s guidance at Göttingen University (1902–1903 and 1907–1908). He was awarded his Ph.D. at Jagiellonian University (Cracow) in 1906, for investigations of the secular perturbations on minor planet (433) Eros.

Between 1903–1906 and 1908–1909, Dziewulski was an assistant at the Jagiellonian University Observatory. In 1909, he became an adjunct faculty member and a lecturer at the university (1916). In 1919, Dziewulski was appointed professor of astronomy at the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius, where he worked until the outbreak of World War II ...

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