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Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 586-587


Divini, Eustachio

BornSan Severino(Marche, Italy), 4 October 1610

DiedSan Severino(Marche, Italy), 22 February 1685

Divini, Eustachio. Reproduced by permission of “E. Divini”, San Severino Marche (MC), Italy

Eustachio Divini was one of the leading telescope makers of the seventeenth century. Divini’s mother, Virginia Saracini, died when he was four, and his father, Tardozzo Divini, died when he was 11. Eustachio was brought up by his elder brothers, Vincenzo and Cipriano, who started him off on a military career. After abandoning the army, Divini went to Rome where he began attending Benedetto Castelli’s lessons in mathematics at the University La Sapienza. Here he met many scholars who would become famous scientists, such as Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Borelli, and Bonaventura Cavalieri, and he would develop his passion for astronomy and optics.

In the early 1640s, Divini established himself in Rome as a clockmaker. In 1646, he began making lenses and constructing compound microscopes and long-focus t ...

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