Oiticica Oil

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\ói-tә-sē-kә-\ n [Portuguese, fr. Tupi] (1901) Obtained from the nuts of Licania rigida, a tree native to Brazil. It is unique by reason of the fact that its main constituent acid is licanic acid shown below. This acid is highly unsaturated because of its three conjugated double bonds and it also contains a ketonic group. Oiticica oil is similar to tung oil in that it has a high specific gravity, high refractive index, polymerizes rapidly on heating, dries quickly and possesses good water resistance. Like tung oil, it webs, frosts and wrinkles unless adequately processed. It is used as a partial substitute for tung oil and special care is necessary when making varnished from it. Sp gr. 0.982/20°C; iodine value, 145, saponification value, 190.