Index of Productive Syntax (IPSyn)

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Index of Productive Syntax (IPSyn) is a method for evaluating and quantifying the grammatical complexity of young children’s spontaneous language samples. IPSyn is based upon the grammatical categories and developmental scheme of Assigning Structural Stage (Miller, 1981). Individual utterances in a sample are scored for the occurrence of 60 different syntactic forms categorized under four subscales: noun phrase, verb phrase, question/negation, and sentence structure forms. Although IPSyn was developed for use with mainstream English speakers, it has been found to be a valid measure for children who speak African American English (Oetting et al., 2010).

IPSyn scores are calculated from children’s spontaneous language samples. After a sample is elicited and recorded, a corpus is formed by transcribing 100 successive, intelligible utterances, excluding imitations, self-repetitions, and routines (stereotyped language that does not represent product ...