Extended School Year (ESY) Services

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Some children with autism may lose skills that they have learned (e.g., regress) if not provided with continuous programming (i.e., they regress over the long traditional summer vacation from school). Extended year services (often referred to simply as ESY) can include both classroom-based services and/or related services such as occupational or speech therapy. These special services are not simply the same as summer school or summer enrichment programs and indeed are not solely limited to summer, e.g., other periods might also be appropriate. Any student receiving special education may be eligible for such services although the need, for a specific child, is determined by his or her IEP team (which includes the parents). In the USA, under the IDEA mandate, parents do not pay for these services which must meet acceptable state standards and be individualized to meet each child’s specific needs. Many of the mandates/guidelines in the area have evol ...