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Probably the smallest transposable element in eukaryotes (1,286 bp). It has not been observed in Drosophila melanogaster but has been detected in African species of the D. melanogaster subgroup, D. sechellia (1–2 copies), D. simulans (usually 2 copies), D. yakuba (about 4 copies), D. teissieri (10 copies), and D. mauritiana (20 to 30 copies). Mariner-like element has been detected also in soybeans.

Mariner contains 28-bp inverted terminal repeats and a single open reading frame (1,038-bp) beginning with an ATG codon at position 172 and termination with an ochre (TAA). Overlapping AATAA bases may serve as polyadenylation signal (see Fig. M20).
Figure M20.

Mariner transposable element

The target in the untranslated leader of the wpch is 5′- TGGCGTA↓TAAACCG-3′. The arrow marks the insertion and the TATA indicate probably the target site duplication. Mariner is different from other transposable elements inasmuch as inducing a high frequency of somatic sectors (4 × 10−3) at the wpch ...

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