Date: 11 Nov 2014
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thymine (see Fig. T1).Figure T1.




Yeast retroelement. Ty

θ (population mutation parameter)

θ is characterized by the number of segregating alleles in the population (Watterson GA 1975 Theor Popul Biol 7:256).


The symbol of recombination (and some other) fractions. w


A virulent bacteriophage. bacteriophages, T4


A virulent (lytic) bacteriophage of E. coli. It has double-stranded DNA genetic material of 1.08 × 106 Da (about 166 kbp) with a total length of about 55 μm. Its cytosine exists in hydroxymethylated and glycosylated forms. The linear DNA is terminally redundant and cyclically permuted. The redundancy occupies more than 1% of the total DNA. It was an unexpected discovery that its thymidylate synthetase gene contains an intron. Introns are common in eukaryotes but exceptional in prokaryotes. The phage has over 80 genes involved in metabolism but only about a fourth of them are indispensable. The metabolic genes control replicatio ...