A database of human and other organisms’ ESTs and sequences of known genes to assist in identifying those which belong to the same cluster and have similar functions. This collection is suitable for microarrays and large-scale study of gene expression. EST, locuslink/​ENTREZ GENE; Schuler GD et al 1997 J Mol Med 75:694; Zhuo D et al 2001 Genome Res 11:904; http://​www.​ncbi.​nlm.​nih.​gov/​entrez/​query.​fcgi?​db=​unigene; sets of transcript sequences: http://​www.​ncbi.​nlm.​nih.​gov/​UniGene/​build2.​html; transcriptome of various eukaryotic species: http://​www.​ncbi.​nlm.​nih.​gov/​UniGene/​.

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