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Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus. Fig. 1

Purified virion preparation


Trichovirus life cycle. Fig. 2

1 – Penetration of the virus into the host cell. 2 – Uncoating and release of the positive-sense single strand (+)ssRNA into the cytoplasm. 3 – Translation of the viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). 4 – Replication: synthesis of the negative-sense complementary ssRNA (−ssRNA). 5 – Synthesis of the subgenomic RNAs (sgRNAs) from internal subgenomic promoters present on the –ssRNA; synthesis of +ssRNA from the –ssRNA template (5*). 6 – Translation of the movement and capsid proteins from the sgRNAs. 7 – Encapsidation of +ssRNA. 8 – Cell to cell movement via the plasmodesmata (viral particle or ribonucleoproteic complex?) and long distance movement via the phloem


Genus Members

Genomic organization of trichoviruses. Fig. 3

Genomic organization of trichoviruses. ACLSV Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus; APCLSV Apricot pseudo ...