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Asociación Española de Fundaciones

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Address of Organization

C/ General Castaños, 4 – 4a Planta 28004 Madrid Spain www.​fundaciones.​org


The Asociación Española de Fundaciones (AEF – Spanish Association of Foundations) is an umbrella organization, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, providing support to Spanish foundations and promoting the strength of the foundation sector.

Brief History

AEF was created in January 2003 through the merger of the Centro de Fundaciones (Foundation Centre) and the Confederación Española de Fundaciones (Spanish Confederation of Foundations).


AEF’s obectives are threefold: to promote the foundation sector in Spain and to serve as its representative to the public at large; to provide information and services to its members and serve as a platform for exchange; and to strengthen the foundation sector by providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.


AEF pursues these objectives through a variety of activities. As a representative of the foundation sector, AEF works with policy makers and participates in the formulation of reform measures. It also provides its more than 1,000 members advice in legal matters and offers courses and seminars on management and other topics. Through its publications, including Cuadernos de la Asociación Española de Fundaciones (Magazine of the Spanish Association of Foundations) and a weekly newsletter, AEF presents information about its members’ activities and analysis of pressing issues affecting the Spanish foundation sector. It also publishes a directory of Spanish foundations, the latest edition covering more than 8,600 foundations. Like many other umbrella organizations, AEF hosts affinity groups organized by topics, such as culture, employment, and environment, and by region (Consejos Autonomicos – Autonomous Advisory Groups). As part of its networking function, AEF cooperates with the European Foundation Centre and WINGS.

Structure and Governance

As a membership organization, the highest governing body is its General Assembly of all members. A Board of Directors with a maximum of 33 members provides general direction. In 2009, the Board’s President was Carlos Álvarez Jimenez and its honorary President was His Royal Highness Carlos de Borbón. An Executive Committee oversees the day-to-day operations. Rounding out the governance structure are an Advisory Board and a Patrons Board.


Membership dues constituted the majority of AEF’s annual revenue of some €1.2 million.

Major Accomplishments

Through a survey of its membership in 2007, AEF found that the majority of its members were satisfied in particular with its information-provision activities, including its publications and website, and its training and consulting services.


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