Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test

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Intelligence testing without verbal communication


The Universal Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (UNIT) is a test designed for children and adolescents (ages 5:0 to 17:11). This cognitive measure is a useful alternative to traditional measures that involve verbal and language material. The UNIT provides a comprehensive assessment of nonverbal intelligence.


The following information is taken from the UNIT Examiner’s Manual [1].

Organization of the UNIT

The UNIT is made up of six subtests. These subtests include: Symbolic Memory, Spatial Memory, Object Memory, Cube Design, Analogic Reasoning, and Mazes.

During the Symbolic Memory subtest, the examinee is shown a sequence of universal symbols (baby, girl, boy, woman, man in either green or black) for 5 s. After the 5 s, the stimulus is removed and the examinee uses the symbolic memory response cards to re-create the stimulus. This subtest measures short-term visual memory and complex sequ ...