Permissive Parenting Style

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Democratic-indulgent parenting style; Indulgent parenting style; Rejecting-neglecting parenting style


A style of parenting that has a high level of acceptance but a low level of control or demand.


The permissive parenting style is characterized by a high level of nurturance and low levels of maturity demands from children, low levels of control, and low levels of communication between parent and child. Parents who exhibit permissive parenting are highly involved with their children, but place few demands or controls on them. These parents do little to train their children to be more independent. Children of permissive parents are allowed to do what they want with little input from the parents. Often, permissive parents allow their children to make their own decisions at an age when they are not yet ready to do so.

The permissive parenting style is defined by warm and accepting parents who are uninvolved. These parents can be either ...