Indifferent Parenting Style

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Disengaged parenting style; Neglectful parenting style; Nonconformist parenting; Rejecting parenting style; Uninvolved parenting style


One of two subtypes of the general style of permissive parenting. (Definition 1: Permissive parenting is a style of parenting identified by the research of Diana Baumrind that is characterized by few demands, excessive permissiveness and lack of structure, rules and limitations.) Parents whose behavior fits in this category are uninvolved with their children and fail to provide adequate support and structure.


Theoretical definitions of neglect vary, in part, depending on the purpose for which the definition is used. In general, neglect is conceptualized by most experts as parental behaviors that result in negative consequences to the child [5]. Unlike other forms of child abuse, neglect is an act of omission in care rather than commissions that endanger or harm children.

Neglectful parents demonstra ...