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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 3374-3379

Visual Interaction

  • Maristella MateraAffiliated withPolitecnico di Milano University


Visual interaction design; Graphic design


In the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Visual Interaction refers to the adoption of user interfaces for interactive systems, which make use of visual elements and visual interaction strategies with the aim of supporting perceptual inferences instead of arduous cognitive comparisons and computations. The design of Visual Interaction focuses on the definition of interaction mechanisms through which (i) the users can perform actions on the interactive system by means of visual elements, and (ii) the system can provide feedback to the user, by visually representing the results of the computations triggered by the user actions. The flow of user actions and system feedback over time then has to be coordinated.

In the field of Databases, Visual Interaction refers to the adoption of visual interfaces that provide access to the collection of data stored in databases, by means of visual formalisms and mechanis ...

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