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Encyclopedia of Database Systems

pp 997-1000

Enterprise Service Bus

  • Greg FlurryAffiliated withIBM SOA Advanced Technology


ESB; Service bus


The enterprise service bus (ESB) is a key architectural pattern in the larger architectural pattern called service-oriented architecture (SOA). The ESB supplies loosely coupled connectivity between service requesters and service providers in service-oriented solutions. Loose coupling permits a clean separation of concerns (temporal, technological, and organizational) between the parts in a solution, enabling flexibility and agility in both business processes and IT systems.

Historical Background

SOA is perhaps the latest stage in the continuing evolution of distributed computing. SOA inherits many principles form earlier stages of distributed computing. Client/server introduced the notion of less monolithic application architectures. Distributed objects focused on smaller-grained function and introduced encapsulated behavior and well-defined interfaces. Web services focused on the use of standards to enhance interop ...

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