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The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

pp 560-561

Ibn Labbān, Kūshyār: Kiyā Abū al‐Ḥasan Kūshyār ibn Labbān Bāshahrī al‐Jīlī (Gīlānī)

  • Mohammad Bagheri

BornGīlān, (Iran)

Flourishedsecond half 10th/early 11th century

Kūshyār ibn Labbān was an eminent Iranian astronomer known for his work on astronomical handbooks (zījes) in addition to his work in mathematics and astrology. All of his scientific legacy is in Arabic. The title Kiyā (literally, “king/ruler”) was used in his time for the names of authorities and scholars. His given name, “Kūshyār,” is the arabicized form of the ancient Persian name Gūshyār, which literally means “a gift of Gūsh” or “aided by Gūsh,” Gūsh being the name of an angel in the Zoroastrianism religion that had prevailed in Iran before Islam. There remains very little information about his life. He was from Gīlān province and later moved to Rayy (near present‐day Tehran) where he met Abū Rayḥān al‐Bīrūnī. He then moved to Jurjān in Ṭabaristān, a province adjacent to Gīlān, where he worked as the astronomer at the court of the Ziyārid dynasty. We know from al‐Bīrūnī that Kūshyā ...

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