PaToH (Partitioning Tool for Hypergraphs)

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Partitioning tool for hypergraphs (PaToH)


PaToH is a sequential, multilevel, hypergraph partitioning tool that can be used to solve various combinatorial scientific computing problems that could be modeled as hypergraph partitioning problem, including sparse matrix partitioning, ordering, and load balancing for parallel processing.



Hypergraph partitioning has been an important problem widely encountered in VLSI layout design [22]. Recent works since the late 1990s have introduced new application areas, including one-dimensional and two-dimensional partitioning of sparse matrices for parallel sparse-matrix vector multiplication [6812], sparse matrix reordering [611], permuting sparse rectangular matrices into singly bordered block-diagonal form for parallel solution of LP problems [3], and static and dynamic load balancing for parallel processing [5]. PaToH [9] has been developed to provide fast and high-quality so ...