intrinsic noise

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In a propagation medium, a transmission path, or a device, the noise that (a) is inherent to the medium, path, or device and (b) does not result from modulation. Note: Examples of intrinsic noise are (a) optical noise caused by anomalies, such as refractive-index discontinuities, interstitial defects, and vacancy defects, in an optical fiber, (b) thermal noise in a resistor, a metallic conductor, or a semiconductor, (c) domainrotation noise in a ferromagnetic material, and (d) microphonic noise in an amplifier, i.e., noise caused by vibration of the amplifying device. See alsoamplifier, conductor, device, extrinsic noise, ferromagnetic, interstitial defects, microphonics, modulation, noise, optical fiber, optical noise, path, propagation medium, refractive index, resistor, semiconductor, thermal noise, transmission, vacancy defects.