Fresnel reflection loss

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1. The optical power loss caused by a refractive-index difference, i.e., refractive-index contrast, across propagation media interfaces encountered by an electromagnetic wave. Note: The loss is the optical power in the Fresnel reflection. 2. In fiber optic links, the optical power loss that occurs because of Fresnel reflection, particularly at the terminus interface. 3. At an interface of two media with different refractive indices, i.e., with a refractive-index contrast, such as at the surface of a glass mirror, a window pane, or an optical fiber endface, the loss that occurs because a fraction of the incident optical power is reflected back toward the light source. Note 1: At normal incidence, i.e., perpendicular incidence, the fraction of reflected power is expressed by the relation R = (n1n2)2/(n1+n2)2 where R is the fraction of incident power that is reflected, n1 is the refractive index of the medium on one side of the interface, and n2 is the refractive index of the medium on t ...