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The Prokaryotes

pp 455-480

An Introduction to the Family Flavobacteriaceae

  • Jean-François Bernardet
  • , Yasuyoshi Nakagawa


An overview of the family Flavobacteriaceae (Reichenbach, 1992, emend. Bernardet et al., 1996, Bernardet et al., 2002) is appropriate because its genera have widely diverse ecological niches and physiological characteristics. Even within some genera, individual species may show contrasting characteristics. Indeed, although some genera were grouped long ago on the basis of common habitats and phenotypic traits (Reichenbach, 1989; The Order Cytophagales in second edition), others were subsequently attributed on the basis of molecular studies. However, the characteristics shared by most genera are presented in this introductory chapter so as to avoid repetition in subsequent chapters on member genera. The term “flavobacteria,” although devoid of nomenclatural status, will be used in this chapter for convenience to represent all members of the family.

In previous editions of Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology and of The Prokaryotes, the organisms now included ...

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