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Encyclopedia of Multimedia

pp 861-871

Video Automatic Annotation

  • Alberto Del BimboAffiliated withUniversità di Firenze
  • , Marco BertiniAffiliated withUniversità di Firenze

Definition:Automatic annotation of video refers to the extraction of the information about video automatically, which can serve as the first step for different data access modalities such as browsing, searching, comparison, and categorization.

Advances in digital video technology and the ever increasing availability of computing resources have resulted, in the last few years, in an explosion of digital video data. Moreover, the increased availability of Internet bandwidth has defined new means of video distribution, other than physical media. The major web search engines have already started to provide specific services to index, search and retrieve videos on the Internet.

Improving of video accessibility is the true challenge. In fact, access to video data requires that video content is appropriately indexed but manually annotating or tagging video is at best a laborious and economically infeasible process. Therefore, one important subject of research has been concerned with study of no ...

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