A New Temporary Immersion Bioreactor System for Micropropagation

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A new type of bioreactor system for plant micropropagation is described that incorporates a number of features specifically designed to simplify its operation and reduce production costs. The BioMINT unit is a mid-sized (1.2 L) reactor that operates on the principle of temporary immersion. It is built of polypropylene and is translucent, autoclavable, and reusable. It consists of two vessels, one for the plant tissues and the other one for the liquid culture media coupled together through a perforated adaptor piece that permits the flow of the liquid media from one vessel to the other. This flux is driven by gravity through a see-saw movement provided by equipment (SyB) consisting of electric motor powered platforms that change position. The structural simplicity and the modular and independent nature of the bioreactors simplify their operation and reduce the amount of hand labor required for transfers, thereby reducing the cost of the whole micropropagation process.