Wound Regeneration and Repair

Volume 1037 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 567-581


Translational Strategies for the Development of a Wound Healing Technology (Idea) from Bench to Bedside

  • Gautam S. GhatnekarAffiliated withFirstString Research, Inc.Halimed PharmaceuticalsRegranion, LLC
  • , Tuan A. ElstromAffiliated withFirstString Research, Inc.Regranion, LLC

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This chapter will outline strategies and ideas for the commercialization a promising wound healing technology discovered in an academic setting. This would include, but not limited to addressing topics such as intellectual property protection, funding, technology development, and regulatory aspects (i.e., navigating through the FDA).

Key words

Discovery Connexin 43 ACT1 peptide Granexin™ gel Wound healing Valley of Death Bench-to-bedside Translational research Invention disclosure Intellectual property Technology transfer Licensing Startup Spinoff Angel Investors Venture capital State and Federal Funding Sources Technology development Clinical Program Development Regulatory strategy Commercialization strategy