Evolutionary Genomics

Volume 855 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology pp 337-359


Transposable Elements and Their Identification

  • Wojciech MakałowskiAffiliated withInstitute of Bioinformatics, University of Muenster Email author 
  • , Amit PandeAffiliated withInstitute of Bioinformatics, University of Muenster
  • , Valer GoteaAffiliated withNational Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health
  • , Izabela MakałowskaAffiliated withLaboratory of Bioinformatics, Adam Mickiewicz University

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Most genomes are populated by thousands of sequences that originated from mobile elements. On the one hand, these sequences present a real challenge in the process of genome analysis and annotation. On the other hand, there are very interesting biological subjects involved in many cellular processes. Here, we present an overview of transposable elements (TEs) biodiversity and their impact on genomic evolution. Finally, we discuss different approaches to the TEs detection and analyses.

Key words

Transposable elements Transposons Mobile elements Repetitive elements Genome analysis Genome evolution Junk DNA RepeatMasker TinT TEclass