Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 776, 2011, pp 275-293
Date: 29 Jun 2011

Tissue-Specific Knockout of Androgen Receptor in Mice

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Androgen acting through the androgen receptor (AR) is known to be essential for male sexual differentiation and development. Using Cre-lox technology, we have generated the floxed AR mice, which have been bred with general or tissue-specific Cre expressing transgenic mice to knock out the AR gene in specific target cells. Our findings indicated that AR is required for sexual development and that loss of AR can have significant effects on many aspects of physiological functions and disease progression, such as immune function, metabolism, and tumorigenesis. Furthermore, our strategy can generate AR knockout (ARKO) in female mice, which allows researchers to study the AR function in the female. In brief, our floxed AR mouse model provides a powerful tool to study in vivo AR functions in selective tissues and cell types and has made possible several research breakthroughs in the field of endocrinology.